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Collaboration with local government planning departments

TCC Members have been collaborating with the Town of Chapel Hill to integrate habitat network data into their Complete Communities Natural Areas Map.

The Durham Comprehensive Plan (2023) has robust policies to support habitat connectivity and Durham staff have used these policies in conjunction with TCC data to support land use decision-making. The Durham Open Space and Trails Commission have signed a Resolution of Support for the Eno-New Hope Landscape Conservation Plan.

The New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee is using habitat network data as part of their recommendations.

TCC members have trained land use planning staff from City and County of Durham, Town of Chapel Hill, Town of Carrboro, Orange County, Town of Cary on how to use the TCC habitat network analysis in land use planning work.

Collaborative studies with universities

TCC members have collaborated with students from Duke University’s Nicholas School for the Environment to provide guidance on outreach and engagement for the TCC and for another study on an assessment of wildlife crossing structures. TCC members have also worked with students from the University of North Carolina School of Government to do an analysis of ecosystem services within the habitat network.

Wildlife Passage Planning with Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro MPO